Project - Work Package 2

Preparing joint data analysis and sharing existing data

Lars Ove Dragsted (Denmark)

It is the objective of WP2 to facilitate data sharing in nutritional research across Europe and to guide researchers on the practical steps in preparing data for entry into a format that allows sharing through ENPADASI and with other relevant partners (e.g. JPI DEDIPAC and EuroDISH). The vision is that any researcher can bring their own data to sufficient quality for sharing and that researchers can clearly see the improved scientific possibilities and their own benefit from sharing data with others through ENPADASI. This vision includes experimental (mechanistic and intervention) as well as observational studies (epidemiological). The challenges are 1) to describe the prerequisites to which a potentially shared study should adhere for all major study types, 2) to show that the system gives new scientific possibilities for those who share, and 3) to provide facile tools and descriptions on how to share your data. The technical, legal, ethical, and governance requirements for data entry will be the main objectives of WP3, WP5 and WP1 (task2) while the integration of this work will be orchestrated within WP4 and training in WP6.

The work in WP 2 is divided into five different Tasks (Ts):