Project - Work Package 5


Martine Laville (France)

With the development of medical research, countries have set legislations to protect people involved in research and rules concerning the use of data collected in the studies. Knowing these rules is mandatory before been able to share already existing data. Moreover in a prospective way, the studies conducted with data sharing in mind should be carefully designed for this purpose. Investigators should be aware of these rules. Thus this WP aims to collect national and EU rules on Ethics, Data protection, IP sharing in order to define an ENPADASI policies on these aspects that should be observed in a prospective way in future studies. All these rules should be implemented in guidelines that will be used for training. All this work should be maintained and considered in the governance plans of WP1. ENPADASI should also become a reference for EU to discuss about the evolution of legislation especially to adapt them to nutrition research.

The work in WP 5 is divided into five different Tasks (Ts):