Project - Work Package 6


Lorraine Brennan (Ireland)

1. Provide training to scientists in the use of the ENPADASI Database Interface
2. Develop a suite of resources that will help the running of nutrition related studies
3. Work with the coordinator to aid in the development of a longer-term plan for sustained training in the infrastructure following theofficial end of the program.
The vision for the Training WP is to provide an training for scientists using a variety of methods. The concept is that scientist's from each participating country would in turn train others from that country thus ensuring a widespread dissemination of the tools created by ENDAPASI.

The work in WP 6 is divided into five different Tasks (Ts):

Phenotype Database Tutorials

Here you will find the tutorials on uploading intervention studies to the ENPADASI Phenotype Database platform.


Please right-click and save the video to your harddrive.
Note: The video does not work in Windows Media Player, please use Quicktime or VLC.

Descriptor files
ANY STUDY TEMPLATE-intervention file Temporary
PLATFORM DETAILS File_enpadasitutorial study

Individual Base Files
BIOCHEMISTRY DATA_enpadasitutorial study
GENETICS DATA_enpadasitutorial study
PHYSIOLOGY DATA_enpadasitutorial study
QUESTIONNAIRE DATA_enpadasitutorial study
SUBJECTS DATA_enpadasitutorial study

Other useful files
DASHIN Phenotype Database Graphical Scheme

Example study
View example study in DASHIN

Opal Tutorials

Opal installation manual
Opal uploading tutorial